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Cherish heritage artifacts from traditional Chinese culture.

Experience artwork created by artists of our times who were inspired by the wisdom and moral values of our ancestors.

Museum open hours:

⋅ Tuesday & Thursday      11 AM–4:00 PM
⋅ Other time:                      Please make an appointment



A valuable piece of artwork can present a legendary era. Through art, our ancestors have left us with records of their times and their lives, expressions of their soul, their enlightenment from living, and their connections with the divine… to shed the warmth of compassion, justice, and a pure blessing to the people of generations to come.

The mission of the New Tang Dynasty Charities is to let the essence of ancient civilizations shine again through art exhibitions and educational activities, enriching and resonating with the diverse cultures of the Canadian community.

New Tang Dynasty Charities endeavors to gain inspiration from ancient wisdom and lay a solid foundation for the creation of future artistic creations. To connect and share with the world – not only the beauty of arts but also the bigger stories and the deep experiences of life behind the artworks that inspire us all.

Donations to assist us in our work are gratefully accepted and a charitable receipt will be issued to any Canadian donor for an amount over $20 CAN.