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Teochew Woodcarving

Skilled Craftsmanship Rooted in the Folk

Teochew woodcarving, also known as Chaozhou woodcarving (Chinese: 潮州木雕), is a form of Chinese wood carving originated from the Tang Dynasty – the golden age of Chinese arts and culture dated 618-906 A.D. It is a very popular method in Chaoshan, a region in the east of Guangdong Province. Teochew people used plenty of Teochew wood carving in the creation of their splendid buildings. 

precious memory

Heritage Collection

Ming and Qing Porcelain

Looking back at the Ming Dynasty, blue and white porcelain, tea, silk, and other commodities with Chinese elements were sold all around the world. The prosperity of oceanic trade in the Ming Dynasty can be seen from the large number of merchant ships that sank in the oceans. These artifacts lost at sea have witnessed the glory of the Maritime Silk Road in the Ming Dynasty.

Famille rose (Chinese: 粉彩) and Cloisonné enamel (琺琅彩) was introduced late in the reign of the Kangxi Emperor (1661–1722), possibly around 1720. It remained popular throughout the 18th and the 19th centuries and was extensively adopted by European factories. Famille rose and enamelware allowed for a greater range of color and tone than was previously possible, enabling the depiction of more complex images.


Heritage Collection


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