We are a group of Canadian artists and art supporters who endeavor to bring art into the lives of ordinary Canadian families. We believe that art is not only accessible to a few professionals. Via spreading the traditional arts and spirits, we hope that orthodox art and culture inspired by the divine can be popularized as much as possible. We hope that through exhibitions and events and educational programs, we can foster public knowledge about art, history, and culture, and advance heritage conservation skills and awareness in Canadian society. We also aim to build natural, convenient, and friendly communication and interaction with various cultural groups in Canada.

As you may notice, some of our artists have immigrated to Canada from China. The support for human freedom, development, and creativity from the Canadian government has provided a broad stage for their art creation. Encouraged by Canada’s multiculturalism, these artists are willing to integrate the essence of traditional Chinese art and culture into Canada’s cultural system. Culture transcends beyond national boundaries. The goodness and beauty in cultural connotation, as well as people’s desire to express goodness, resonate between different cultures. While communicating with Canadian artists, we found that Canadians retained their innocent spirit, which is very similar to the way of thinking and principles of the ancients Chinese. We believe that multicultural communication and interaction will ignite new sparks of creativity.

Preserve | Revive | Share | Inspire

The Tang Dynasty (618–907 C.E.) is widely considered the peak of Chinese civilization, characterized by prosperity, harmony, morality, and openness.

Firmament Art Museum is an art museum under New Tang Dynasty Charities, its mission is to contribute and enrich the Canadian multicultural society, with the same open and harmonious Tang Dynasty spirit, through art exhibitions and educational activities of both ancient and modern art, artworks, and stories.

Collect | Preserve | Restore

“Art is the glorification of the human spirit, and as such, it is the cultural documentation of the time in which it is produced”.

Through collect, preserve, and restore historical artworks, we bring back memories and glories of past civilizations.

Research | Study | Revive

“Art is the record left behind by civilization”

Through research, study, and revive those traditional, authentic art technics and doctrines, we let the virtue of ancient civilizations shine again.

Share | Educate | Inspire

“Every artwork tells a bigger story.”

In art, we see records of artists’ lives, expressions of their souls, events, and spirits of their times, their enlightenment from living, and their connections with the divine…

Through our collections, we share with not only the beauty of arts but also those bigger stories and the deep experiences of life behind the artworks that inspire our spirit to grow.

Connect | Resonate | Transcend


“Art is an international language understood by all.”

Art celebrates, art alerts, art shares important messages, art inspires, art transcends time, and culture.
It is our hope to connect and resonate with all, through our activities, the purifying, encouraging, and uplifting energy of virtuous art.

One event a time, we can make our world a little better and we hope you join us.

On Display Now

Among The World

Apr 23–May 02, 2021


Gao Lishi Taking off Li Bai’s Boots

Figure Story

Private Events with the Artists

Art Seminar
Live sculpting, oil painting demonstrations, artistic appreciation and creation sharing, etc.

Painting, sketching, or sculpting workshop for selected artists.

Customized Group Art Gathering
Tailor-made art experience for families or groups. Options include but are not limited to sculpture, oil painting, sketch, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, artistic sharing, etc.

Art Creation Tour
On-site visit to sculpture, oil painting creation process, and animation Studio.

*All private events are by appointment only.


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