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Welcome to NTD Charities

Art | Culture | Wellness

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We are a registered charity organization dedicated to provide public education on art, culture, & wellness for the utmost well-being of people and society, because we see good art nurtures, heals, refines, enriches, inspires & grows hearts & souls, good culture does to a group or nation what art does to a person; and holistic wellness is both the foundation and the result of the above.

We carry out our mission through educational programs, events, newsletters, and websites.

All our programs are charity in nature and for educational purpose.
Most of our events are free of charge to the public, thanks to the support of artists, subject experts and volunteers who share our visions.

Donations to assist us in our work are gratefully accepted and a charitable receipt will be issued to any Canadian donor for amounts over $20 CAN.

How can you help?
    * Forward and share our articles & newsletters
    * Make a donation, so that we can offer more programs and contents free to the public.